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This is a discussion on GYTR Cams within the YXZ Engine forums, part of the Yamaha YXZ Technical category; Originally Posted by Relhok We're talking about the YXZ not a Geo Metro. 115hp/liter is not holding anything back. Look closely at the dyno charts ...

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Thread: GYTR Cams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relhok View Post
    We're talking about the YXZ not a Geo Metro. 115hp/liter is not holding anything back. Look closely at the dyno charts for the big cams and there's less power than stock down low. But that's perfectly fine if you never need to climb at less than 10mph.
    Of course they are. The lean tune alone should tell you that. You don't think the cam effects emissions ? It does and greatly.
    They detune the fuel injection and run it extra lean so it will pass emissions so it is possible the cam was designed in favor of one that would pass less unburnt gases also even at some sacrifice across the board.

    We aren't talking big top end cams but something with better numbers it is possible to have more low end grunt and get more upper rpm horsepower also.

    These engines with the right mods naturally aspirated can make another 50 horsepower or more than stock and it still have a good low end.

    But sure a big cam that moves the entire power band up a couple thousand rpm is going to loose some grunt and drivability under the rpm where the power band starts to hit.
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    I have 17ss with Dirtlaunch intake and tune and a graves full exhaust.....came made a significant difference....pulls harder in every gear.....redlines out faster and reach my too speed in alot shorter buddy has a 18 ss with my exact setup minus cams and I walk him in every gear....not even a close race

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    Interesting topic.
    I guess it comes down to who needs more peak power.
    Not a dune guy, but I know you can't have too much power in the dunes.
    But on gravel and hard pack fire roads, technical trails and crawling - the stock 2019 has enough power for me.
    If I went WOT everywhere, the car would be destroyed each time I drove it - upside down in a ditch.
    It's like a 2 stroke now and can get loose. Want to keep the low end power it has.
    The YXZ is a small toy and not a trophy truck. Plenty of motor for what I do.
    Dump gas in it and enjoy it for what it is.


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