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  1. New updated forum we got !

    Not a fan, but i will get use to it over time. It does seem like traffic has slowed down a lot.
  2. Why do YXZs depreciate so much?

    YXZ General Discussion
    Bring your YXZ out west like Utah you will understand why we need gear reduction. Silver lake sand dunes are ant hills compared to what we have in Utah and Idaho.
  3. Miss at idle after hard impact

    YXZ General Discussion
    Check to see if your intake boots have pooped off . It has been known to happen, there is a little spacer on them that you can remove to get them to tighten up a little bit more so that they will stay on.
  4. Krash cage windshield

    YXZ General Discussion
    Krash makes windshields for his cages. They look sweet.
  5. 2019 gearing in a 2016 3 pedal???

    YXZ Drivetrain
    How tall of a tire are you running?
  6. Some recent projects!

    Krash Offroad
    Do you offer a knock down kit if so how much would shipping be compared to a welded cage? i live in Utah and just trying to save a buck on shipping.
  7. Engine guard

    YXZ 1000R SS
    I covered the piss poor plastic lapping up front with some black duct tape. Helps a ton.
  8. Help!!! Please left car at vinyl wrap shop and having issues

    YXZ Drivetrain
    The guy says he only drove it to a nearby empty lot to take pics . That's your problem, should have put your key in your pocket when you left it for the work to be done on it. Good Luck!!!!!
  9. Torque specs?

    YXZ Suspension
    Thank you Sir......
  10. Torque specs?

    YXZ Suspension
    I'm installing my new Pac springs and need the torque specs on the upper and lower front and rear shock bolts if anybody has them and would share with Me Thanks...
  11. PAC Racing Springs

    YXZ Suspension
    This is good to know I'm installing mine this weekend. Thanks for the update.
  12. Talon or YXZ

    YXZ General Discussion
    I saw the reviews by sxs blog and was pretty impressed, stopped buy my local dealer and was surprised they had an R and an X . I was highly impressed with how solid this thing is and the fit and finish was impressive. And I was sadly disappointed with the lack of leg room. I'm six foot even and...
  13. PAC spring kit

    YXZ Suspension
    Thanks a lot YXZ IN THE 262 just needed somewhere to start tuning, sounds like you are happy overall with them.
  14. PAC spring kit

    YXZ Suspension
    Does any body have the measurements for the preload and crossover for the desert springs rear and short course fronts by chance I need somewhere to start.Thanks....
  15. I’m Looking for good reasonable Yamaha shop AZ

    YXZ General Discussion
    Weller Racing.