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  • Ocortravo ·
    Once I get my car build close to its final unspring weight I will be contacting you for advice and possibly purchase one of your spring and valving services. Seems like you have the most knowledge on the subject. I have a good shock tuning background. Worked in the shock industry for years and did mobile tunning. Buuut I no longer have the time or patience to tune this car or any for that matter. I'd rather you do the leg work haha. This car is being build for open desert type racing/play. Obviously I realize I won't be WOT through barstow main haha but I'd like to be be able to soak up most of the desert at a decent speed. nothing unrealistic. Thanks in advance.

    Ocortravo ·
    Interested in your full spring kit. What is the price for all 8 with sliders and collars. Also can you tell me the lengths and rates of said kit?

    Thank you.

    mybudpete ·
    Do you offer a spring kit for the Fox suspension on YXZ? I been playing with the settings but can't seem to get the rear kick out of it. I do grand prix racing on rough trails in northern Texas.
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