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  • YXZSS ·
    I'm good, I don't need to give shock tweakers 400.00 bucks a hour to revalve my shocks, I've been doing my own for years. Those guy are money pigs and predators. I am completely aware of the harsh ride of the YXZ no need to call me out. Have a good one
    bigdjvp ·
    Haha, just keep beating your kidneys to a pulp and tell yourself you love it. Me on the other hand am still trying to get this car to perform like my Popo with $1700 of suspension work(new 2.5s front revalved rears). As for those dismantled walkers I don't know what to tell you but I guess I have to take your word for what happened. I will say that my first big sand dune launch I broke my Walker 2.0. Was I pissed? Yes. Put 2.5s on and didn't look back. What's the fix here? How much? Stock isn't even close. Plenty of documentation on these forums to prove it. I am not a punk kid that doesn't know shit. 47 years old and drive the shit out of my cars high speed dunes and desert. Been doing it for 29 years. I keep my shitty replies private, Thank you
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