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  1. YXZ Engine
    I’m repacking my silencer and I am not sure if I should cut this wrap off or leave it? The Alba kit comes with a stainless steel W pattern sheet. Do I leave that wrap that is on there on or take it off? Here is a picture of the wrap I’m talking about:
  2. YXZ General Discussion
    I recently bought a used 16 yxz1000 and it had a Alba racing clutch kit in it but it just started slipping yesterday. I pulled the clutch out and seen there is just the steel plates and the fibers. Does that kit not use the judder springs or the seat plates? I ordered the same kit already and...
  3. YXZ General Discussion
    Hey guys! I'm brand new to the forum and just picked up a 2017 SS about a week ago. The guy I bought it from (2nd owner) told me that everything was stock on it, but upon closer inspection, I started noticing things that were definitely not stock. First, I noticed the ALBA Racing sticker on...
  4. YXZ General Discussion
    OK guys, can anyone share their experiences with either of these reputable companies ECM flashes for a GYTR turbo with slip on exhaust set up. Over the weekend my buddy and I went for a test trip to the dunes (Sand Lake Oregon) My buddy was having trouble with his machine so he asked for us to...
  5. YXZ Engine
    Might be a stupid question but here goes. 2019 YXZ 1000R SE GYTR turbo with open exhaust/Alba tune Does anyone know what direction the fans rotate on a 2019 XYZ 1000 R SE should blow...out to the rear or blowing back towards the engine? I recently installed GYTR turbo with ALBA flash for open...
  6. YXZ Engine
    So I am getting a very slight miss or hesitation after I installed the Alba Silent But Deadly kit. I talked to Nate the tuner at Alba and he doesn't have any ideas as to why, he change the tune slightly after I talked with him and it got better but still isn't completely resolved. He took a...
  7. YXZ Drivetrain
    Alba, tubeworks or barnett clutch upgrade...advice and experience please Good morning all, Wanting to do a clutch upgrade to my NA '19 YXZ 1000R SE but need feedback on the different set ups. Here is what i see for each. 1. ALBA- looks to be using a relabeled Barnett clutch plate and...
  8. YXZ Parts, Products, Accessories - Want To Buy
    Looking for a little extra power out of the YXZ. I know another member is seeking this in an older post too. Derek
  9. YXZ Drivetrain
    Just got my heavy flywheel from Alba Racing installed and will be testing it down at Brimstone this weekend. If the results are anything like what I've felt just driving around the neighborhood and loading it on the trailer, I believe we've got a winner here.
1-9 of 9 Results