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  1. YXZ Parts, Products, Accessories for Sale
    Does anyone need stock axles no cvs before I toss them? I’m going long travel and don’t need them anymore
  2. YXZ Drivetrain
    Hey guys! I feel like this has been a topic beaten to death like everything else. However! All the threads I can find seem to be old. I have a 2016 turbo yxz. I am hard on stuff. I wont bs that fact! There are so many choices for axles that I don't know where to start or even bother with. I...
  3. YXZ Parts, Products, Accessories for Sale
    I built a YXZ1000R for the 2018 King of the Hammers (Ultra4 Racing) and now have an extra set of HCR Racing long travel (+4) axles up for sale. This set of axles was assembled as a backup to be used in pit and repair scenarios. With all parts and assembly labor I have over $2,000 invested in...
1-3 of 3 Results