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  1. YXZ 1000R SS
    I have a 2017 Yxz sport shift with roughly 2300 miles on it and I got back from a trip to the sand dunes last week and it ran perfectly fine all weekend unloaded my bike and parked it outside in the cold for a couple of days but when I went to start it to put it away it started and then...
  2. YXZ Engine
    Hello all, my 16yxz has code 12 which looks to be calling for a new stator and cps. Battery is fine, cranks but no start. I’m just wondering if this is a difficult job and if there’s anything I need to drop or take off in order to get to this thing.I’m sure some one has done this of course. I...
  3. YXZ Engine
    Just bought a brand new YXZ 1000 XTR from the dealer. They backed it onto a roll back flatbed and I backed up to it with my 1 ton. Dealer drove it on for liability purposes. It sputtered a little before he shut it off stating it was a seat belt safety issue putting it into a limp mode. I drove...
1-3 of 3 Results