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  1. YXZ Parts, Products, Accessories for Sale
    I have a 2016 engine, around 6k miles for sale, runs good, complete engine throttle body to exhaust. I also have a complete transmission with around 3100 miles for sale. Engine $2500 buyer to pay shipping OBO Transmission $1500 OBO buyer to pay shipping. Also willing to meet halfway within reason.
  2. YXZ Engine
    Just bought a 2017 yxz SS SE. it’s got 1200 miles and 90 hours on it. The guy I bought it from relocated the radiator to the rear of the machine. It looks like he went with the Jeep radiator and it sit low in the bed. It has 3 fans on it (only 2 are wired up and working currently) There is also...
1-2 of 2 Results