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  1. YXZ Engine
    I’m repacking my silencer and I am not sure if I should cut this wrap off or leave it? The Alba kit comes with a stainless steel W pattern sheet. Do I leave that wrap that is on there on or take it off? Here is a picture of the wrap I’m talking about:
  2. YXZ Parts, Products, Accessories - Want To Buy
    Looking for a little extra power out of the YXZ. I know another member is seeking this in an older post too. Derek
  3. YXZ Engine
    I've been running the new TBR slip on system with a Weller Racing ECU tune, and it kicks ass. The slip-on system was an easy install and gives the YXZ a deep tough sound. Without the tune I felt more power and really noticed how much faster I was hitting the rev limiter. Then I had Jason Weller...
1-3 of 3 Results