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gear reduction
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  1. YXZ General Discussion
    Hello, I'm looking for someone who has the Packard Performance Supercharger installed on their YXZ, but not the gear reduction kit. I'd like to know if the supercharger gives you enough low-end torque to go up steep, rocky hills with less momentum/speed? I have to go up steep hills at...
  2. YXZ Drivetrain
    Hello all, I'm new to this site and am looking for advice. I had the local dealer install the gear reduction kit from Yamaha and sense the install keep getting an error code sh_46 , when this occurs the shift indicator goes blank the tranny goes to neutral and when I come to a stop the unit...
  3. YXZ Drivetrain
    I found the limits of the clutch in my YXZ last weekend. A 500yd extremely steep hill climb with relentless 12"-18" rock stair steps along the way. I asked too much of my machine and knew it at the time too. Damn it!! A cheap quick fix would be to just replace the clutch and stay away from...
1-3 of 3 Results