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  1. YXZ 1000R SS
    I purchased a brand new 21 yxz ss with a dealer installed gen 2 gytr kit almost a year ago. A few months into owning it, it would die when coming to a stop, I could prevent it from dieing by tapping the throttle. Ran fine on top end. Long story short brought it to a dealer and they tore it all...
  2. YXZ Forced Induction
    Anyone have experience with the gytr turbo & installing block off plates? I’m wondering if it is something I should do. I’m running an alba tune, graves pipe & oem boost level. Mainly want to clean up the engine bay of excess hoses & was curious if it might run a little better since from my...
  3. YXZ General Discussion
    I have a turbo yxz with the gytr turbo and Alba stage 2 tune 200hp tune . My question is that I normally run 91 octane at 5000 ft elevation. I’m going to coosbay for utv takeover should I run race gas at sea level.
  4. YXZ Engine
    Just wondering if these brackets are compatible and if someone is running this setup?
  5. YXZ Engine
    Might be a stupid question but here goes. 2019 YXZ 1000R SE GYTR turbo with open exhaust/Alba tune Does anyone know what direction the fans rotate on a 2019 XYZ 1000 R SE should blow...out to the rear or blowing back towards the engine? I recently installed GYTR turbo with ALBA flash for open...
1-5 of 5 Results