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  1. YXZ General Discussion
    How much hp are people getting with stock internals on 2019 and newer
  2. YXZ General Discussion
    I just bought the 2021 yxz ss I’m wondering how reliable it is with the gytr turbo Alba stage 2 200hp tune and the packard light fly wheel i Do have all of this on order. Just wondering how reliable it’s going to be or is it going to blow up on the first run
  3. Dirt Launch Powersports
    DLP Bolt in GYTR TURBO AIR TO AIR INTERCOOLERS available for purchase...
  4. YXZ Forced Induction
    Looking to turbo my 2020 ss cant decide between the dlp kit which is an air to air Intercooler and the GTYR kit which is water to air! Anyone have some input to sway me one way or another! Thanks
  5. YXZ Engine
    Just wondering if these brackets are compatible and if someone is running this setup?
  6. YXZ Forced Induction
    Wanted to tap the experience of the group, My GYTR Turbo will be here Wednesday, I'll be installing it myself and was wondering how long did the install take for you all? I have a dune trip coming up weekend of the 4th and would really like to install it before but do not want to be stuck with...
  7. YXZ Drivetrain
    Hello all, I'm new to this site and am looking for advice. I had the local dealer install the gear reduction kit from Yamaha and sense the install keep getting an error code sh_46 , when this occurs the shift indicator goes blank the tranny goes to neutral and when I come to a stop the unit...
1-8 of 8 Results