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long travel

  1. Wtb used long travel or tubro kit

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    Let me know what's out there
  2. FireBall Long travel. SOLD

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    I have a complete Custom Fireball long travel suspension for sale. this is everything you need. Complete axel assembly so no need to split your CV joints they are ready to install. Stainless brake lines, I have both Weller and Assalt tie rods. All the hardware. You will want to buy new bushings...
  3. New HCR Racing Long Travel HD Axles (+4) by RCV Performance | Set of (4) Front + Rear

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    I built a YXZ1000R for the 2018 King of the Hammers (Ultra4 Racing) and now have an extra set of HCR Racing long travel (+4) axles up for sale. This set of axles was assembled as a backup to be used in pit and repair scenarios. With all parts and assembly labor I have over $2,000 invested in...
  4. Tensor Desert Series Tire

    YXZ Wheels and Tires
    Anyone running these tires? I realize it is geared more towards racing but I'm just curious about them. Seems these 32's are lighter than 28" AT's. Is it possible to even run 32's without LT? The DS and AT are completely different tires, I'm just interested in knowing if anyone has firsthand...
  5. CRC web site

    CRC ( Cartwrights Racing Co )
    Check out our new website, its starting to come together, new vendors soon to be added! crc-racing.com