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  1. YXZ for Sale
    N/A Production class – Score/BITD Approved. $29,900 This is a full race ready package. Car was built in 2017 with a cost of over $80k invested. It had approximately 5k miles on it before it went through a complete rebuild in 2019. It has sat new and ready to go since then. Motor in car has less...
  2. YXZ Trackside
    CORR1 and I made the 9hr haul to Mesquite for the AZOP Desert Showdown Off-Road challenge. This would be CORR1's first race in the YXZ while 2nd for me. We came prepared with Raceline wheels, Airisun 28" tires, Re-sprung and re-valved shocks courtesy of Shock Therapy plus CORR1 had a brand new...
1-2 of 3 Results