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  1. Stock radiator fan removal and change 2016 yxz1000r

    YXZ Engine
    Has anyone had to change out the stock radiator fan? How hard is it what all has to be done? Can't find any video's or links to this issue thank you
  2. 240 Water Temp

    YXZ General Discussion
    I know this is an issue that has been beat to death but just trying to figure out the cause. No Turbo, just Weller flash and full exhaust. So the thing is that a month ago I took it out in the mountains and did some normal trail riding just cruising, never saw temps over 190. A few days ago I...
  3. Cracked radiator

    YXZ Engine
    The upper mounts on my radiator appear to be depressed into the top tank on my radiator. I found cracks in the tank right where the mount bracket bends up to meet the frame. It seems that up & down shaking could have caused it.