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  1. YXZ Drivetrain
    I'm new to the platform(just bought a brand new 2022 3 pedal) and my dealer has an older version of the Rekluse for sale at a pretty good price. Can anyone here explain to me the benefit of going with the newer version(with the coil springs) over the previous version? Again, having a tough time...
  2. YXZ Drivetrain
    Just got the alba heavy hitter flywheel, looking on getting the rekluse and gytr gear reduction. Doing alot of trails, hills, and deep ruts... Just want to make sure my clutch is solid and I got the right dog for the fight... Any suggestions are welcome!
  3. YXZ Drivetrain
    I found the limits of the clutch in my YXZ last weekend. A 500yd extremely steep hill climb with relentless 12"-18" rock stair steps along the way. I asked too much of my machine and knew it at the time too. Damn it!! A cheap quick fix would be to just replace the clutch and stay away from...
  4. YXZ Drivetrain
    General Questions: What is an Automatic Clutch? Core EXP, EXP and z-Start Pro are all auto-clutches. An Auto-Clutch is a centrifugal force actuated clutch that automatically engages and disengages the clutch in relation to RPMs. The Auto-Clutch automatically feeds out the clutch in the same...
1-4 of 4 Results