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roll cage

  1. VR2 Sport Cage $1750

    Brick City Fabrications LLC
    https://www.brickcityfab-az.com/collections/yamaha-yxz-sport-cages/products/2019-yamaha-yxz-vr2-sport-cage Standard: Cage Hoops (1.750" x .095 DOM steel Tube) Grab Handles/ A Pillar Gussets ( 1.250"x.095 Wall DOM Steel Tube ) Over Head windshield Gussets (1.750" x .095 DOM steel Tube)...
  2. New Cage From BCF for The 2019 YXZ Models.

    Brick City Fabrications LLC
    Our New 2019 Yamaha YXZ VR2 sport cage will be released at the sand sport super show this year. Stay tuned...
  3. Blue War Machine Sport Cage

    Brick City Fabrications LLC
    https://www.brickcityfab-az.com/collections/yamaha-yxz-sport-cages 1.750”x.095” wall DOM steel tube for the main hoops -Over head v bracing -Harness bar v bracing with triangulated junctions into the b pillars -Dual triangulated gusseting on the b pillars into the main hoops -Center splitter...
  4. Another 2017 SS SE

    YXZ Builds
    After reading so many posts and being helped out by all the info available here, I figure it's about time to post my build in case I can return the favor and answer any questions for anyone else...Also so you all can see what you helped me build. (I've PM'd my fair share of questions, so...