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  1. YXZ Parts, Products, Accessories for Sale
    I have a blue oem roll cage, never rolled. It has a couple of spots that the paint have chipped away, from the harness rubbing for awhile. I also have a 40” double stack dragonfire light bar that will come with the cage. No roof and no shipping Pictures coming soon price 150$ OBO Located: Reno NV
  2. YXZ General Discussion
    Hey guys I’m almost ready to buy a turbo kit, and I’m wondering which one would be best I’m at high elevation and do mostly wide open desert trails. I’m also open to a supercharger. I’m looking at the silber one as it works with all oem pump etc, and it’s not to pricey If anyone has a good one...
  3. YXZ Roll cages, Seats and Belts
    I really hope this isn’t a dumb question, but I just bought my first yxz, a 2016. It appears to have a 2019 or newer stock roll cage on it. I want to buy a roof and front and rear windows, but I’m not sure what will fit. I fear that 2016 accessories will not fit due to the cage being shaped...
  4. YXZ Builds
    After reading so many posts and being helped out by all the info available here, I figure it's about time to post my build in case I can return the favor and answer any questions for anyone else...Also so you all can see what you helped me build. (I've PM'd my fair share of questions, so...
1-4 of 7 Results