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  1. Boost Control Solenoid Question

    YXZ Forced Induction
    I installed the Agency Supercharger kit. I've had a problem producing the 5-7 lbs of boost they claim it will make. I get about 2-3 lbs at wide open throttle. Agency has sent me out 3 boost control solenoids and a couple of stiffer waste gate springs. Nothing fixed the problem. Long story short...
  2. IMG_20191231_123320_357.jpg


    Agency Supercharger kit arrived
  3. 20200101_173610.jpg


    Agency supercharger manifold
  4. IMG_20200101_180353_009.jpg


    Got it mounted. Almost done.
  5. Turbo's / Superchargers in water?

    YXZ Engine
    This question is directed to any members that have a supercharger or turbo installed on their machine. Have you been in deep water and/or mud since it's been installed and how did it do? Seems like mud and debris around a supercharger belt would be a problem. I do a lot of trail riding and...
  6. Supercharger vs. Gear Reduction

    YXZ General Discussion
    Hello, I'm looking for someone who has the Packard Performance Supercharger installed on their YXZ, but not the gear reduction kit. I'd like to know if the supercharger gives you enough low-end torque to go up steep, rocky hills with less momentum/speed? I have to go up steep hills at...
  7. Supercharger anyone?!?!

    YXZ Forced Induction
    Anyone know of anyone working on a supercharger for this beast? The turbo will be the boss in the dunes but a blower should kill on the tighter trails as they are always boosting... I know that would be the route I'd like to go!