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  1. YXZ Wheels and Tires
    I went on a riding trip and at 4200 miles i bent my front passenger side tie rod. Now instead of going home I was trying to find a compatible tie rod that I could drive and go get at an auto parts store. Does anyone know if there is a compatible reference for a 2017 YXZ 1000r tie rods? Thank...
  2. YXZ General Discussion
    I feel a thump when my suspension droops over jumps and whoops it feels like its coming from front end has anyone else had this issue ?
  3. YXZ General Discussion
    So with about 8 miles on my new machine I bumped into a tree with the right front tire. It was a decent hit but nothing I thought would break something.. Untill I started to drive and realized I couldn't steer very well, My first thought was a flat tire maybe it de beaded but I quickly realized...
1-3 of 3 Results