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  1. YXZ Engine
    Hi All, I want to get a turbo setup on my 2016 YXZ1000 SE but I want to build my motor first and run it for a season before I run a turbo I am looking at a setup of max 200 - 250 HP at the wheel so I can keep it reliable since in Dubai we do at least 100 miles in the dunes on each drive...
  2. YXZ Forced Induction
    I’m considering the RPM turbo kit low boost 6-8lbs. Right now I have Stock internals but have alba: exhaust, cams, ecu and it’s been very reliable. I only go to glamis. My questions are: 1.Is there anything that I need to do to keep the car reliable? Do I need to upgrade the clutch...
1-2 of 2 Results