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  1. DLP or GTYR

    YXZ Forced Induction
    Looking to turbo my 2020 ss cant decide between the dlp kit which is an air to air Intercooler and the GTYR kit which is water to air! Anyone have some input to sway me one way or another! Thanks
  2. Weller upper and lower throttle body brackets w/ GYTR turbo kit

    YXZ Engine
    Just wondering if these brackets are compatible and if someone is running this setup?
  3. DLP Flash Sale!

    Dirt Launch Powersports
    Dirt Launch Powersports FLASH SALE!! FREE SHIPPING on all DLP Turbo kits! ***6% OFF All other DLP products using Coupon Code Covid20 (code cannot be used on turbo kit purchase)*** Sale goes from NOW 3/25/2020 until 4/2/2020 Visit our website at WWW.yxzperformance.com
  4. Turbo's / Superchargers in water?

    YXZ Engine
    This question is directed to any members that have a supercharger or turbo installed on their machine. Have you been in deep water and/or mud since it's been installed and how did it do? Seems like mud and debris around a supercharger belt would be a problem. I do a lot of trail riding and...
  5. Engine Build

    YXZ Engine
    Hi All, I want to get a turbo setup on my 2016 YXZ1000 SE but I want to build my motor first and run it for a season before I run a turbo I am looking at a setup of max 200 - 250 HP at the wheel so I can keep it reliable since in Dubai we do at least 100 miles in the dunes on each drive...
  6. Packard turbo kit

    YXZ Forced Induction
    let me preface this by saying I know how most people feel about packard...Really just curious if anyone here has one and how they like it ect. It seems pretty easy to find info about every other turbo kit out there except this one. I Just want to satisfy my curiosity really no plans to purchase...
  7. MPI 155hp turbo kit

    YXZ Builds
    If you're looking to spice up your build, a turbo kit is the perfect way to do it! This turbo kit is manufactured by Mountain Performance Inc. and is designed to increase the power output of your YXZ1000 to 155hp. Included is everything you need to install: Turbo (obviously), air filter...
  8. BOV Blow of valve for MPI

    YXZ Forced Induction
    hello everyone, So what BOV is everyone using with the MPI kit. For me I love the sound of them and if I am going to have a turbo I want to hear the Swoosh Swoosh as I am blasting through gears haha. I know its not needed as I was told the mpi kit is pretty much fail safe but again I love...
  9. Questions about ceramic coating!

    YXZ General Discussion
    Ok guys, I bought the MPI kit, with rods, head gasket, studs. Waiting to tear it down and put it together when they come out with their different stages. stage II should be coming soon, from talking to the guys at MPI a few weeks ago. Im sending the trans out to tube works when we tear it down...
  10. Aerocharger YXZ

    YXZ Forced Induction
    The Aerocharger Engineers have done it again with the YXZ. Here are a few pictures of the Air/Air Intercooled Kit utilizing the industries only Variable turbine Turbo charger built in house at Aerocharger. We will also be offering a Non/Intercooled and a Air/Water Intercooled Kit. That’s...
  11. Soon to be released Areocharger Turbo Kit for YXZ. "First to boost, first to win"

    YXZ Forced Induction
    Soon to be released Areocharger Turbo Kit for YXZ. "First to boost, first to win" Aerocharger is pleased to announce we are currently working on research and development for the Yamaha YXZ 1000R. Yamaha has raised the bar with this new platform and it will allow Aerocharger to showcase many of...
  12. Supercharger anyone?!?!

    YXZ Forced Induction
    Anyone know of anyone working on a supercharger for this beast? The turbo will be the boss in the dunes but a blower should kill on the tighter trails as they are always boosting... I know that would be the route I'd like to go!