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  1. 17 ss clutch mods

    YXZ 1000R SS
    Hello everybody, I am new here and have some questions. I have a 17 ss with the TW wet mod, IRP, alternator, and just installed alba hd clutch due to finally went through my OEM clutch plates. 30in tires as well. Took it on a ride after new clutch plates and it was making some vibrating weird...
  2. New HCR Racing Long Travel HD Axles (+4) by RCV Performance | Set of (4) Front + Rear

    YXZ Parts, Products, Accessories for Sale
    I built a YXZ1000R for the 2018 King of the Hammers (Ultra4 Racing) and now have an extra set of HCR Racing long travel (+4) axles up for sale. This set of axles was assembled as a backup to be used in pit and repair scenarios. With all parts and assembly labor I have over $2,000 invested in...
  3. FOX Internal Bypass X2 Shocks for sale - complete set

    YXZ Parts, Products, Accessories for Sale
    I have a complete set of FOX Podium Internal Bypass X2 Shocks with independent high speed and low speed adjusters for compression and rebound. These shocks are still in original packaging, never been opened and come with red springs. These shocks are like the ones that the YXZ SS version comes...