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  1. YXZ General Discussion
    Finally got my new bumper and winch installed! And I absolutely love it! So after many weeks of looking, researching, and looking some more... I landed on my setup. I went with the Viper winch mount along with a Viper Midnight 4500# winch. And my bumper came by way of my man, Dialed! This is a...
  2. YXZ Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    Got the winch installed finally! Was going to go with a Warn but I kept seeing how their quality has gone down hill a lot lately so I went with SuperATV Black Ops 6000 lb. Install was easy overall, had a little hang up on the 12v wire but not bad for my first time I’d say!
  3. YXZ General Discussion
    If anyone is running the Superwinch 45, what are you mounting to? I've been looking around, but can only find bumpers to fit the tighter spool. Anyone have any ideas?
1-3 of 4 Results