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yxz 1000r ss
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  1. YXZ General Discussion
    I have a turbo yxz with the gytr turbo and Alba stage 2 tune 200hp tune . My question is that I normally run 91 octane at 5000 ft elevation. I’m going to coosbay for utv takeover should I run race gas at sea level.
  2. YXZ General Discussion
    Does any one know if there’s a radiator that I can get from a auto store that will fit I’m stock at sand mountain
  3. YXZ General Discussion
    How much hp are people getting with stock internals on 2019 and newer
  4. YXZ Builds
    Just want to see some builds I just purchased hcr kit and krash cage. Just trying to get inspiration on color scheme etc. I’m going more race style
  5. YXZ General Discussion
    I just bought the 2021 yxz ss I’m wondering how reliable it is with the gytr turbo Alba stage 2 200hp tune and the packard light fly wheel i Do have all of this on order. Just wondering how reliable it’s going to be or is it going to blow up on the first run
  6. YXZ General Discussion
    i just purchased a 2021 yxz 1000r ss with the adventure pro. when i installed there adventure pro its turns on with key like its supposed to but it wont read any of the data from the machine, temp, volt, etc.. it just says n/a. I've tried calling customer support but i cant get through. I've...
  7. YXZ 1000R SS
    when coming up to a corner and braking hard my yxz gets a really loud and worrying chattering sound under hard braking, should I be concerned or worried, and if the sound is normal where is it coming from.
1-7 of 7 Results