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yxz 1000r ss

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    I just bought the 2021 yxz ss I’m wondering how reliable it is with the gytr turbo Alba stage 2 200hp tune and the packard light fly wheel i Do have all of this on order. Just wondering how reliable it’s going to be or is it going to blow up on the first run
  2. YXZ General Discussion
    i just purchased a 2021 yxz 1000r ss with the adventure pro. when i installed there adventure pro its turns on with key like its supposed to but it wont read any of the data from the machine, temp, volt, etc.. it just says n/a. I've tried calling customer support but i cant get through. I've...
  3. YXZ 1000R SS
    when coming up to a corner and braking hard my yxz gets a really loud and worrying chattering sound under hard braking, should I be concerned or worried, and if the sound is normal where is it coming from.