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155hp turbo kit

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Turbo already available, 155hp with up to 300hp with the correct mods will be coming soon. Not bad for the price
YXZ 155HP TurboCharger Kit Complete
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YXZ 155HP TurboCharger Kit

“Turn Key” Turbocharger Kit for the new Yamaha YXZ 1000 3-cylinder side-by-side.

Factory quality, OEM Yamaha appearance, 14 year track record of “second to none” performance.
155HP in desert conditions on pump gas.
Higher HP variants & upgrades will be available. We have been producing extreme performance variants for this motor exceeding 300HP. This 3 cylinder motor’s performance and capabilities have been our daily business since 2005.
Bolt-on installation in hours, not days. No fabrication required, all parts included.
No need for expensive clutching, as this unit has a manual transmission. Eliminating all the problems associated with CVT clutches.
Kit currently undergoing EPA compliance certification.
This motor only requires 5 psi of boost to make over 150HP while competitive vehicles require much higher boost levels.
Bolt-on Intercooler design. Our intercooler bolts directly to the engine’s throttle bodies with o-ring billet surfaces providing a simple, rigid and resilient connection without all the hassles of individual hose connections to each cylinder.
At MPI, performance must be accompanied by uncompromising quality, design, and durability. All MPI products must withstand the daily use under whatever trials the enthusiast throws at us day after day without excuses. MPI has been manufacturing boost kits for motor since 2003. All kits have been highly successful, with several models being sold and supported as a Yamaha Motor Corporation directly. A testament to our quality and durability

Quality & Reliability - The key is a multi-part formula: all pieces must be present (miss any one piece of the combination and the result is an inferior product).
Top quality parts: Mitsubishi Turbocharger, Industrial quality USA Intercooler, American manufacturing.
Non-compromising design: Drawn from years of experience, education, and use of latest design software tools.
14 years’ experience with this engine: This is the 7th generation of this type of multi-cylinder engine and the 4th generation of this particular 3 cylinder design. We have produced products for all 7 generations.
Mitsubishi Turbocharger used by OEM such as Ford, GM, Volvo, etc. This model family is common to McLaren and Bentley.
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