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19’ ss silber turbo exhaust

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So I’ve got a 19’ 1000r ss silber turbo kit with power commander 5, tube works 70/30 gear reduction. Stock exhaust, still slow on 5lbs. Running 32” tires. If I change the slip on exhaust to a trinity or something along those lines do I need to retune it from a comapdny or will the PC5 do it for me? Tryna make this thing more spicy!
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The heavy wheels and 32 tires are slowing it down a lot. You can try a lightweight flywheel for better acceleration.

Have you began to see quick clutch wear with your current set up? How many miles do you have?

Slip on and tune won't net you but 5whp maybe. Race fuel and DynoTune maybe more. Up the Boost to 7-8psi, should be safe on the 2019 internals.
- I'm at 7.5 psi with my Kraftwerks Supercharger and exhaust.
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I’m running 7.5 lbs boost on my 19’ss with the Silber turbo set up and pc6 pti. And on the dyno 155hp and I still have almost 20% fueling left in my injectors
Good Numbers you put down. People will laugh at a YXZ with 150hp but forget the power to weight ratio. Also boosted, I've beat a Turbo R Canam and I think it'll be close with an RR... (because of launch capability), haven't had the chance yet.

So you're maxed out, a little copy and paste and FYI
80% duty cycle operating limit is taken into account to make sure the injector will be large enough to feed the engine under actual operating conditions and will not starve the engine for fuel.
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