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N/A Production class – Score/BITD Approved. $29,900
This is a full race ready package. Car was built in 2017 with a cost of over $80k invested. It had approximately 5k miles on it before it went through a complete rebuild in 2019. It has sat new and ready to go since then. Motor in car has less than 1000 miles on it.
*CRC long travel kit
*Oil cooler
*Custom radiator/relocated fans
*Fuel cell 16 gallons under seats
*Roll over fuel protection
*Re-valved (extensively) + resprung Fox shocks
*Tool box
*Professionally built cage
*Brand new wheels/lugs/studs/tires
*Packard intake manifold
*Tube works gear reduction
*Oil mod to clutch basket
*Double sprung clutch
*Dyno jet ignition box
*Complete gusseted frame & resupported bulk head
*Weller power steering module
*All brakes/rotors/calipers/hubs/knuckles upgraded to 2019 (Larsen)
*Alba flywheel
*Chrome moly driveshaft
*New starter
*Rebuilt custom axles & CV’s
*Spare seats
*Much more to list

** Spare parts package included **
*Transmission (rebuilt new) w/reduction kit (just rebuilt)
*Motor (needs a tear down)
*Front & rear diffs
*Drive shafts
*Complete set of shocks
*U joints
*Etc etc
Everything needed to race and support the car
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