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2021 GYTR turbo air filter replacement

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I have a 2021 yxz 1000r ss se with a bas-e46f0-v0-00 turbo kit. Do they make replacement air filters for these? I’ve looked everywhere with no luck
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In the literature for the Gen 2 GYTR Turbo kit the PN is shown to be BAS-E4451-V0, however I was told the filters PN that actually comes with the kit is BAS-E41C0-V0? Not sure which is the case, BUT you can try these links for the latter:

It seems for most all of this GYTR specific piece parts from a kit, it is a pain to get. If you cant source it anywhere online I'd call your local dealer and get them involved with needing a replacement. I've been told for specific parts to these GYTR kits that it usually takes them confirming you either bought the kit from them/elsewhere and trying to cut through a bunch of red tape with Yamaha. You'd think it would be a bit easier to do with a consumable such as an air filter, but you never know. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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