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Just wanted to share a new build we are finishing up.
This is a 2021 yxz1000 ss build. We started with a brand new car and strip it almost a bare chassis. We go threw and grind bad welds and re weld. We add chassis support tubes in areas that we feel need to be strengthened.
The reassemble of the car started with a AVIDUTV 77 inch suspension kit
AVIDUTV front bumper lift
Race spindles
14x3.0 fox IBP shocks in the rear
12x2.5 for IBP shocks in the front
Wildwood brakes
Weller turbo
Boost lock
Tuner axles
26 gallon fuel cell
Aem dash
Fortin hubs
Sparco seats
Modify cagewrks cage
Custom sheet metal
Rear bumper
And other items.
please feel free to ask questions.


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Thanks for the kind words. That’s the fuel we use in our desert race cars to get mileage in between pit stops.
Once this car is finished, it will be shipped over seas for a special customer to be raced in rally events.
so multi day high mileage races where they race between 250-300 miles a day.
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