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24 Hours til Unveiling!!

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Who's ready? I marked my work calendar as busy a few weeks ago for tomorrow at 10:00AM PST which is 1:00PM where I live. Is that wrong? Figured I would take a late lunch and enjoy the show!
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I am ready to make trip to Tennessee to pick up a rzr or the YXZ...depending on what I see tomorrow. I am just glad to see Yamaha getting back into it
Save yourself a lot of time, money and headache and go with Yamaha.
LOL...yeah I know...I have had two Polaris quads the last 2 years...ball joints are weak, but otherwise good. RZR's have set the benchmark since inception and I am excited to see what Yamaha has come up with. I am really hoping it is a 60-62 inch trail machine with the triple engine and good ground clearance....basically a wolverine on steroids, but the odds of that appear slim. I dont want or need a 20 inch travel 64-66 inch machine on the trails in west va...too much body roll for me and turning radius on tight switchbacks can be challenging. But Yamaha certainly has the engineering and resources to build whatever they want to...and I have no doubt the quality will be higher (neighbors grizzly has 2600 hard miles on it on same trails I ride....and the thing has been bullet proof). We will see soon enough!
Pics up at. Interesting looking for sure. Massive shocks
1 - 3 of 58 Posts
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