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30 min and counting

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Okay so I've been reading on this site for quite a while. Guess it's time to actually join. I've held off on purchasing a side by side for way too long. Here's hoping this is the one I've been waiting for... :cool:
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Glad you can watch paint dry with us for the next 30 min! lol Welcome to the forum! Trust me we are just as excited as you are!
What is the web site for the live unveiling? did not see it on yamaha.com
Yamaha Sport Live Unveiling

I'm like OP, been waiting and waiting and waiting (I'm partial to Yamaha), turbo Mav caught my eye but this guy might be the one. Always been more an ATV fan than SxS but it may be time to get one shortly!
From Italy ready for this big event!!!

Hello guys
From Italy ready for this big event!!!

Hello guys
Welcome from across the pond :)
Thanks for the welcome guys. My neighbor bought a rzr900 XP last year, and I'd like something to hang with it... Without the Polaris name of course.

I hear ya MoparProud. I'm in the same boat. I own a few ATV's, but no SXS yet.
New here from Tn. I'm ready to see this bad boy.
Me too jevans7. It's been TOOOOOOO long for sure. What part of TN? I'm sitting in Memphis right now.
Chattanooga. I jus got a new pic but don't know how to post it.
Looks like the live viewer showing the pic replaced the pic. Refresh your screen if you don't see the player up.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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