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Founded in 2001, Beyond Redline Performance of Green Bay, WI operated as an automotive repair facility and progressed into performance automotive with a primary focus on dyno testing and tuning cars. By 2010, Beyond Redline formed the entity, Exceladyne, as a manufacturer of automotive parts for the Hyundai Genesis Turbo and the Ford Mustang Turbo. In 2016, BRL was hired to tune for Pro-4 TORC Off-Road Series drivers Scott Douglas, Mark Kvamme and Mike Jenkins. In 2017, Beyond Redline was hired by Toyota Racing Development to tune for the “winningest driver in off-road short-course racing”, Johnny Greaves.

In April of 2017, Dirt Launch Powersports was founded as a division of Beyond Redline after being approached by pro off-road driver, Johnny Greaves, to modify the calibration on his MPI 155 kit for his 2017 Yamaha YXZ SS. After reviewing the ECU and removing the piggybacks DLP was able to successfully tune the machine utilizing only the factory ECU. This lead the business into purchasing a YXZ and developing an airbox to help extract the most power out of the naturally aspirated version of the YXZ.
After countless hours of R&D on the dyno, DLP finally settled on an airbox that proved its quality and performance. In the 2017 TORC series season, DLP stacked up 36 top 5 finishes in 13 races in the Pro Stock class, and 19 top 5 finishes in 13 races in the Pro Mod class. Dirt Launch Powersports was competing against the turbo RZR and turbo Can Am X3 in their naturally aspirated Yamahas in the Pro Mod class.

Once the TORC Series season ended, DLP began heavy development on their turbo kit for the YXZ’s. After 6 months of testing and numerous of test drivers, they have what they think is the perfect trail and track kit. More details can be found here.

Beyond Redline is equipped with two chassis dynos, a Dynojet 424xlc and a Dyno Dynamics 2wd (soon to be an engine dyno), a 5-axis CNC machine, multiple welders, as well as shop tools and metal work tools for custom projects and to round out the full service shop.
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