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Accessories on your YXZ?

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Hey guys, we are excited that our first YXZ is ready to ship!
That said we want to load up on accessories and necessities to better serve the sxs community.

What would you like to see in stores when purchasing your new YXZ?

We plan to bring in a full selection of wheels, tires, and paddles. Here in the southwest paddles are going to be a must, what sizes/brands would you be interested in?

Would there be any demand for a high performance 3 piece wheel option like the OMFs? Or are we going to be running into price issue on something like that?

We will stock the full line of Yamaha accessories, any of them stand out as must haves?

How much demand for performance accessories, exhaust, turbo, etc? That may be a stupid question, don't we all want a turbo??!!:p
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Full glass windshield. 100mph wind in the face is not going to be fun...
Windshield is a good option for sure but also slip on exhaust pipes, air filters, front and rear bumpers, helmets, lighted whips, wheels & tires should be a good start. Oh and RZR eater stickers!
Switch Panel
Spare Filters
GYTR Gauze Air Filter (For those that don't add the turbo)
Rear Cargo Box

I'd like to see trail bumpers with receiver hitches so I can use a winch on the front or rear, as needed.
BRING BACK THE YamaHauler stickers!!!

The Yamaha mirrors are WAY overpriced.
full glass windshield. 100mph wind in the face is not going to be fun...
Motorcycles don't have windsheilds. Get a helmet and 4 point harnesses. Safer
All the accessories in the catalog, more lighting of all types and sizes, quality wheels and tires both sand and dirt with bead locks and good outside offset.
Good selection of the 2" 6 point seat belts with the car type connector NOT the old school Crow type stacked buckle connectors.
Quality lighted whips with quick connects.
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Given the HP numbers at rear wheel, I'd personally be interested in the lightweight OMF beadlocks with an 8 or 9 paddle extreme hauler. Gonna need a lightweight setup.
Half shield. Winch. Stereo. Rekluse. Alternator. Upgrade battery to automotive sealed unit. Wiring for heated vest. And boost. Lots of boost. Lol
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