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Alternator Belt Interchange Number?

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Anyone know what v-belt number interchanges with the Yamaha alternator kit OEM belt? I need to purchase a spare.
I think Sparky posted a part Number in a pic from another thread, but I can't seem to find it...
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Just measure it out and order by length
I would, but it's already installed. Didn't really want to remove it again if I can help it. And the weird number on it doesn't cross.
Duralast 305K4 @ Auto Zone $19.49 .
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Duralast 305K4 @ Auto Zone $19.49 .
....and you come through again! Thanks Zilla; I appreciate it!
Duralast 305K4 @ Auto Zone $19.49 .
This is a serpentine or ribbed belt.

My "kit" takes a V-Belt.

Belt currently on the car is a;
RECMF6285 Mitsubishi

And it works perfectly.
Is this for 2019+ model yamaha alternator kits?

Maybe the other listed above is for 2016-2018 version? I been trying to locate the belt # for my 2022 to order a spare to keep on hand given it can’t be more than $20
My car is a 2016.

The interchange belt is a 17295
Belt type 17, 29.5" long

Autozone sells a Duralast 17295 for $12
Or a Gates 9295

All of the above work for my v-groove pulleys on a 2016. I tried a 15300 and it was too long, but also a belt type 15 (drops too far into the pulley groove)
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