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Since rebuilding on a different frame and plugging everything back in the power steering "EPS" light is on and the power steering doesn't work. After reading as much as I could find and utilizing the manual, I think I have it narrowed down to either the voltage regulator, the speed sensor, or the EPS control unit.

I find the diagnostic system a bit jickey. The flashing sequence seems to point to a code 15 which indicates a bad torque sensor. The torque sensor checks good, however.

So I just started down the line of things it could possibly be and here is what is NOT bad:
  • Ground
  • Charging System
  • Battery
  • Debris on the speed sensor
  • The torque sensor
  • The motor
  • Bad connectors
  • Fuses
I have disconnected the power from the battery to "Reset" and take it for a short spin after everything I check to hit the magic speed that also works as a reset. So what is left, besides a bad harness which was fine when I unplugged everything is:
  • The Rectifier/Regulator - checking tonight
  • The EPS control unit - doesn't appear to be a way to check, only evident through a process of elimination
  • Bad speed sensor - I do not have the diagnostic tools to check
While I continue to search, do any of you have fresh ideas, or have you had a similar experience?

Thanks, in advance,
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Roger !! I have only just seen your discussion starter. How did you go? Sorted?

I have some unresolved queries when I discovered I had no power steering. Fixed it by putting another module on from my spare car. I am wondering what kills them. Big offset? Big tyres? Hitting a rut? Moisture? Crappy manufacture? Bad luck?
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