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Blue or yellow koolaid

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I wonder what colors will be available . I think the yellow and black tri z colors would look cool. White with red or blue accents. I just hope we are not making excuses for quality issues while sipping this koolaid.......
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Quality issues on a Yamaha compared to a Polaris? Lmfao....
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Oh not comparing it to Polaris. Just hoping all kinks are worked out. :cool:
They have the yellow and black anniversary colors out for 2016 on their ATV's so that would look sharp on the new Banshee!!
I think one of the leaked foto's shows white with blue/blk accents, so I'm sure we will at least have that color scheme
Yeah I saw that, I think it was supposed to be a picture of a door. Blue is their main color so that makes sense.
I would assume Black and Yellow as well as Blue and White.

Eh i think since we have made our way here long before the release we may be a bit of kool aid drinking, but i don't think we will hesitate to spit it out of it taste bad!!!
Can I make my kool-aid with Jack Daniels, that way if this is bad, at least I'll be feeling good. LOL!!
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Can I make my kool-aid with Jack Daniels, that way if this is bad, at least I'll be feeling good. LOL!!
Bawhahaha u funny
Can I make my kool-aid with Jack Daniels, that way if this is bad, at least I'll be feeling good. LOL!!
Haha sure, feel free to pour me one as well!
Haha, I'll make us all one, then good or bad, we'll all be feeling good together!! Love a fellow Jack man!!
Blue,Orange std colors or Yellow SE and Silver SE
Orange? What about the white one in that pixelated spy pic?
Looks like we'll see something along the lines of this:

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle
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JGR Yamaha ran 450's with the anniversary style graphics a couple weeks ago at Unadilla. I love that look on a bike but it doesn't really fit the SxS. Maybe once we see the whole thing it'll look better.
if they would come out with silver I think that would be the color for me. I wonder if they will have automotive paint like the arctic cat has, instead of colored plastic. I myself would like to have paint on it.
If they do the paint right (which I'm sure they will) that's what I would want too. I bought my AC Trail with the colored plastic, because they were having paint peeling issues, at the time I bought mine. I believe they got that resolved now, because I haven't heard anyone talk about it anymore.
At least with paint u can repair the scratches ect, That colored plastic cannot really do much with that n will look like crap after the 1st ride.
Yellow with the black stripes will be eye catching new. But I like camo for off roading it covers scratches better. WTH did I say camo on a sport SXS. Must not be awake yet???
I like white with blue & black accents. Although, I would probably remove the graphics and have it custom wrapped. This also protects it from scratches
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