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Bolt pattern lug size and wheel offset

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Anyone know what the bolt pattern is, lug/thread pitch, and what the stock wheel offset is?
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Anyone have an answer to this question yet. Wanted to type just "Anyone?" but the forum said "too short"......
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I saw it on here somewhere its 4x110, stud size & pitch unknown
It was the same as all Yamaha studs
I'll bet the wheel offset is about a 5/2. meaning 5" on inside. This keeps the car narrow. Get a set of 3/4's and widen the stance by 2" each side for a little more stability
If you're duneing it roll with 5" outside offset wheels.
Did anyone find out the offset I knew the rim bolt pattern was same as all Yamaha but I want to get rims that don't put me over the limit for gncc
Bolt circle is 4/110-lugs are 12mm,1.25pitch-wheels backsetting-ft-5.25,rear-6.50.
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So will Black Spline Lug Nuts RT-GWSPM12150-DB by QuadBoss®. Thread Size: M12 x 1.5 work on 2017 YXZ?
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