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Does the YXZ have a gear reduction on the engine?

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So I got to thinking about why I used an Apex motor in my race car and one of the main reasons is because it has a gear reduction. So even though the engine is revving 11,000+ rpms I think my final output rpm is only about 8,700. Drivelines usually don't like spinning past 9,000 rpms and I was curious how brutal the YXZ engine is going to be on the driveline if it doesn't have a gear reduction before the output shaft.
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No, the 3 cylinder does not have a gear reduction in the engine like the Apex 4 cylinder. The triple spins at more belt friendly RPMs than the 4 cylinder, so it doesn't need it for the sleds. There is a gear reduction in the transmission before the clutch.
Ah so there is a gear reduction, but not on the engine? So I wonder what the final output ratio is?
Yes. No one knows ratios, yet. When the info becomes available, we will all be happy to learn what it is.
The reduction at the clutch is 88/53 = 1.660 and the reduction at the transmission output shaft is 41/22 = 1.864.
Someone else posted---
1st- 2.059
2nd- 1.545
3rd- 1.192
4th- .962
5th- .806
Anybody know if changing gear ratios will be possible?
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