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Does the YXZ have PS

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Just curious if the YXZ comes with PS since it has a locking front diff. I didn't see anywhere that it does, just wondering.
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Yes it does, This thing seems to have everything.
The way i understand it EPS is standard equipment on all colors of the machine.
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Yep all models have EPS
Nice, it does seem like they thought of everything
They've had years to make it right, now if it all works well we'll have a home run :)
Let's hope it's the real deal in ALL areas!!!
I was wondering the same thing and then I researched it and YXZ appears to have "Speed Sensitive Power Steering"? Sounds pretty trick! Bravo Yamaha for including a roof, doors and Power Steering on a $20K SXS! :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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