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Dubai test rides

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Looks like they did some test rides in Dubai also.

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That gives us a good idea how it handles steep dunes!
And that is with the stock Bighorns.
Seems like the 1st gear is pretty tall ??
I have a fealing he was in a higher gear. Thought Tennessee said in his thread on his test drive he was able to take off in third. Think he said first was way low. Maybe he can clarify or Yamaha just needs to have more test rides soon for impatient guys like me..:p
That gives us a good idea how it handles steep dunes!
Like very good...
This thing is really good. The suspension is not soft by any means, but it tracks through heavy whoops at high speeds almost dead straight.
Prolly started in second, got up to 4th, you can hear a downshift 2/3rd's the way up, still held momentum very well. Looks good!
Well that was a way better test track than had in the USA, the whole UAE dunes! LOL. Tim
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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