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So I've heard some 6 plus footers fit the new Yami.
How do the shorter and wider riders fit behind the wheel and in the seat??
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I am 6'1 and have big shoulders-- The width of the shoulder holster is a bit tighter than I like, but Ill probably end up taking those out of there-- They are just bolted in. Other than that, the sears are quite comfy and theres plenty of room between riders.
One of my fears is smacking a broad shouldered passenger as I'm fairly wide at the shoulders as well.
I need to know now!!! LOL
I also have very wide shoulders and I don't think you will be able to touch shoulders. There is plenty of room. I will also be removing the should bolster that is between the shoulder and the door. Its part of the seat frame. with that removed, wide should guys will be comfy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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