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Extended warranties...???

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What's your thoughts on extended warranties and warranty work?
Not sure if Yamaha will offer extended warranties but I never buy extended warranties on anything. Waste of time and money IMO.

As for the YXZ, If anything major is going to be defected then surely we are going to find that out during the first 6 months which would fall within the basic warranty.

Personally I hate having any warranty work done and the number one reason is that I only trust myself when it comes to wrenching on my toys! Number two reason is the ridiculous amount of time that it can take a dealer to get to it.

When I first got a rzr, I broke a rear CV in the first two weeks. Being under warranty i took it to the dealer --The dealership had my rzr for over 6weeks! Boy I wasn't happy about it, but I remained patient. When I did get it back, the first ride out the wheel about fell off. They didnt tighten up the wheel lugs! Never again.
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Jerry somebody posted 840 for four years. I'm thinking hard on that
Jerry somebody posted 840 for four years. I'm thinking hard on that
Yeah, I saw that after I posted. It's something to definitely think about but i think what you are really paying for is having that peace of mind on "just in case".

If you research buying extended warranties on buying cars (basicaly the same thing)in general you don't really come out ahead in the deal. Yeah, some may, but most don't. I

We are talking about Yamaha here! No worries for me. I've never bought extended warranty on anything and - knock on wood- I have never been burnt by not doing so..it's my thoughts that anything that can happen to constitute a valid warranty claim will happen with in the first six months. To me , extended warranties is like the dealer being a casino- it's designed for them to win but always chance of me or you loosing. All it is is a gamble.
IMO, still would get it, just for peace of mind. I don't care if it's Yamaha, Honda, Polaris, AC, etc. They are built by machines and humans, and humans can have a bad day, and miss something.
I only get extended warranty on my MB's, German cars are stupid to repair, everything else no. Toys are toys. Been many years since I had build issues with atv's, late 90's/early 2000 polaris', I'd put the money into mods:)
I have gotten them in the past and on my 700 raptor it paid off since engine seased. So a new engine cost me $104. But most of the time I changed things that would void it anyways. So I am thinking hard about this. If I get it in Dec, the basic factory 6 mo warranty will cover me for the dune season. Then, if I do a reflash tuner in the off season it would void it anyways. So just not sure yet.
Just get good insurance...:p
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