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I'm trading for a KRX 1000. Dealer is offering me $13,500 trade. I thought I would post here to see if anyone had a better offer. I will give it a few days. Make an offer!

I have 30k in it, including:

GYTR Gear Reduction
GYTR Exhaust
GYTR Harnesses
GYTR Filters
Adventure Pro Tablet
Houser Racing winch plate and bumper 3500lb Warn
Trail Armor
Weller block offs
Weller End Links
STI HD9 BEADLOCKS +fresh silver ring set
30x10 Carnivores
fresh wheel bearings

SUPER-DIFF: Check my posts about breaking the stock one several times... If you ride east coast and use DIFF-LOCK, this is what you need. I couldn't break it.
CUSTOM CAGE: Has around 2000 miles. Hand built at the shop on a new frame after an endo at Stoney. See my post for more on that. Cage is factory shape with tabs for a roof.

Fenders are cut and plastics are rough, but she's a beast!
Wife not included.

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Trade-in value seems reasonable. Good luck with sale. I think you could get 15k solid tbh

I would do the trade-in and see if they could hook you up on the accessories for the KRX or maybe free services like first oil change and whatnot.

The new KRX are beauties. View attachment 122241
View attachment 122242
Thanks. Yeah, I'm fine with the trade number. Kawasaki has a great discount for dealer employees. Only catch is I can't sell the Kawi for 9 months.
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