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Front end damage

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Well I hit a rock this weekend and put a decent dent in the front clip. The zerk looks like it moved closer to the boot and the top plate for the a-arm has a slight bend to it. Also noticed the axle has some play on the diff side. Anyone have any suggestions on where to start or what to look for? I do have insurance but I’m hoping I don’t have to go that route.
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Judging by the "bow" in the bracing on your lower a-arm, Im thinking there has been some compression of the frame in that area. Mine was like that from the previous owner. When I replaced the a-arm, it would not fit in the mounting brackets. I had to take it to a frame shop to "pull" it back into shape. Pretty sure my front frame section is tweaked. I just live with it. The front sections of these frames are prone to bending. Weller offers a very pricey chromoly replacement front section. Good luck.
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