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Front end damage

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Well I hit a rock this weekend and put a decent dent in the front clip. The zerk looks like it moved closer to the boot and the top plate for the a-arm has a slight bend to it. Also noticed the axle has some play on the diff side. Anyone have any suggestions on where to start or what to look for? I do have insurance but I’m hoping I don’t have to go that route.
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Obviously looking at pictures won't tell the whole story....

But. And take it for what any internet reply is worth...

Chipped paint indicates its bent, really bent.

Based on your pictures the first step would be to determine IF your wheels are still square and in alignment (guessing "Yeah, No")
If the front clip is bent...

Can it be realigned?

If not will insurance cover replacement?

Is it far enough out to require replacement?

Keep in mind, having a insurance inspector is free.... and a reputable shop should be able to give you a fair estimate of what is actually required.

Just my 02 worth.

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