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Full composite skids,doors and roof

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It's nice to have the necessities stock. Really tired of spending twenty grand and needing another five grand in accessories . Also this cage may be up to snuff.
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Did anyone get a good look at the skid during the unveiling? How thick? Does it appear to be solid enough to hold up to the usual abuse or will a person need to get an aftermarket one? So far it looks like I'll only need to get a-arm protectors. We ride in all sorts of different terrain and I've learned it is cheaper to protect it in the beginning as apposed to repairing it later...
I know Factory UTV 3/8 skids will be going on our shop build been available. Plus being a dealer its nice to show them off.
Yeah, I've been looking at the Factory UTV skids and they look pretty darn durable. Just trying to see if the stock ones are any good or just superficial.

Here is a picture of the skid plates. Thickness unknown at this moment
Thanks! I seen the pic earlier and it looks great. Very clean. I'm just hoping that they can stand up to normal use and abuse.
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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