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Greetings from the UK .

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Hi Guys , new member here , from the UK where we are not well blessed with spare land for off roading , Great to see the New Yam SxS , cant wait to see it in the flesh , Had Bikes , Quads< Buggies n 4x4s but beleive this will be the real deal ,

OK , going to look round the site now and get the feel of things Cheers folks ,JP.
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Hey Folks , great welcome from you , I am no spring chicken anymore , but still enjoy getting my skirt blown up off road . I am no townie and lucky to have a track and trail to blow the cobwebs away ,

Cant wait till the Yam SxS reaches the uk and see it in action . Again big Greetings hope to fill you in with the off road scene over this way , Byefor now .
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