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Have any of you....mounted 29x11 buckhorns on stock 14x8 and 14x6.5 wheels?

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Id like to know if I can slam a 29x11 on that front wheel.....I have a set of Rzr take offs and am curious if theyd all go on before I start wrenching...I know the rears are an easy upsize, just not sure of that bead stretch on the front....I ride trails with my car and some dunes.....looking for a bit more GC and traction......and while I got these free Im hoping this is something doable.....THANKS, POPPA, DTX
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My 2017 SS-SE 14 OEM beadlocks are the same width all around so I don't know why you couldn't. Not to second guess you buy you realize you will lose a touch of power and create a taller first gear ratio. I just did 28 x10x14 Chicanes and it actually rolls easier apparently because of the 10 inch wide stance vs. the bighorn fatty stance. I did save the bighorns for the dunes. Let us know if you do it and how it works out
According to the following websites 8.5" is the widest you should mount on the front wheels... Having said that I have a 30x10r14 Rockabillies and a 30x10r14 Regulator mounted on my stock front wheels and have not had a single problem. Discount tire actually mounted one of them for me and prior to mounting it they "checked" their system to see if it was going to be within parameters. I know you are talking about going one inch wider and one inch shorter so the difference will be grater.

Tyre Size for Rim Size/Width Calculator - What's the best tyre size for my rim?

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Side note, Dans2017 did you swap out your rear wheels so that you have fronts all around? Yamaha's web site states that the ss/se comes with staggered wheels.
28x10x14 seems to be the go to replacement size....idk how that extra inch of width would mount up on the smaller from the wheel. But seems like it'd be pretty cool.
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