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Hope they hit first weekend in October

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Birthday weekend and I can take a long weekend and head to tennessee to pick her up and ride. Just gotta decide where I'm going..... Windrock,brimestone or the twra trails. Could ridecamp rzr in brimestone that weekend also. Not sure if that's a good idea, have to think on that one.
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It'll be close. I know my buddy who's got a booth at lake Havasu for the watercraft races should have one from Parker. That's October 3-11 so they'll be rolling in for promo stuff.
Only thing about camp rzr is it will be so crowded. Probably be a good weekend at windrock!!!!
Pmd bill b. gonna try and ride with him that weekend. Can't wait to ride it. What dates are dealers telling y'all for the yellow one?
I will try to get an updated delivery date Tuesday. Was planning on camp RZR that weekend but probably not a good idea if the Yamaha shows up. It would be a show stealer !
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