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Just Purchased 17’ Yamaha

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How it’s going everyone, just purchased my first Yamaha, I have buddies running same cars and have a lot more acceleration. I’m fairly new to the race world in UTV’s so take it easy. I’m looking at racing in open desert races here in arizona and would like some feed back from all you gurus. Suspension is getting redone but I’m having issues with keeping up on straight aways. Any words of advice? I’ll post pics of everything done to it. Thanks. Also would like to put a turbo kit on but with previous upgrades what do I need/ don’t need to make that happen?
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Things affecting your acceleration v.s. others
  • are they Sport Shift?
  • what clutch do they have/Clutch life/slippage
  • overall weight of car, passenger, cargo, fuel.
  • rotational mass/drivetrain losses
  • beadlocks are heavy and so are the 30" tires
  • Type of tire for traction/terrain
  • fuel tank, more fuel more weight
  • ultra lightweight flywheel, it will help you on acceleration but hurt you on the top end. Most boosted cars run stock flywheel or heavy.
DASA ported head, Carrillo Rods and a BC crank 😚🤌🏼💲
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts